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tutoniuspoolI am an apostle of Jesus Christ.  Ordained by God, not by men or institution.  In 1980, I received the Holy Spirit wind and fire just as the first apostles did.  This is a picture of where it happened.  I was standing about where the middle table is located here.  I am being very specifc so that you will know this really happened.  I went back years later and took this one picture. is dedicated to everyone who is seeking to know God.  

Let every word spoken or written here be the Word of God, and bless you with His Truths.  It happened then, with the first to receive His Holy Spirit, it happened to me, and it can happen now, for you. He is Life, and the Living God. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He never changes, and His Truths never change. His Love and Gifts are for all those who would ask with their whole heart, mind, and being, young or old, rich or poor, religious or cast out.  It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done, good or bad, He waits for those who would ask Jesus for help.  Jesus is the Way to the Father.  Seek, knock, and ask Him to help you in whatever words or method you need to.  He Knows you, and Knows your heart, just be completely honest with Him and yourself.  You don't need someone to help you, to translate or explain.  No one can do this for you anyways.  It's not something you can buy, learn, or earn, you just need to decide to do it.  Ask Him now, in your own way.  I am a writer, and I wrote a note to myself in my journal and to Him.  I asked Jesus to fight satan for me.  Simply, sincerely, totally, holding nothing back.  Immediately, I looked up because I heard this sound of a strong wind coming down from high above me. It was a sunny day with fluffy clouds, and I remember the sky being very blue. I noticed that even though I heard the wind, the leaves of the oak trees above me were not moving. At first I just felt in wonder of the sound.  Then the wind was upon me, and I felt it entering my body at my feet, and slowly working its way up my body.  I got scared because I had no idea what was happening.  But as soon as I had that thought, and the wind had reached about half way through me, immediately I was calmed and full of amazement because I realized it was Jesus. It continued completely through me and out the top of my body. My first thought was that I was forgiven, of everything.  The next thought was I had to tell somebody.  I had this overwhleming urge to just tell someone what had happened, and that God was real, the Holy Spirit was real, Jesus was not only alive but He just made me all new, and He is active and working now in me. I looked around for anyone to tell, and there was no one. 

It was about quiting time from my work, so I headed home in my car.  On the way home, I picked up a hitchiker, which I never do.  I remember telling him everything that happened, and I will never forget his words.  He said that Jesus and he threw away the key long ago.  That is almost word for word.  I dropped him off, got home, told my wife, and of course she was both amazed and thinking I was just short of crazy, and I really don't know what she thought. I told others afterwards, at my church, and anyone I could tell.  But just about every response was one of like, sure, right, if you say so, and really not believeing or accepting what I said.  To tell others I write it, and I love to write about it.  This website is dedicated to anyone who is seeking to Know God.  If you are not ready to ask, seek, and he will draw you to Him.  I sought Him for years.  And when the day comes when you can and do ask with all of you, what a glorious day that will be for you, and all of heaven will rejoice. But I just want to say to you it is simple.  Just ask Jesus to help you, come to you, be in you, in your own way, and the way he knows you will, when you are ready.  Don't wait though, do it today, do it now.