I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did. God's word is living, and spoken here.

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The first apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ were chosen, and were people just like you and me.  Jesus tried to explain to them the relationship He had with His Father, but without the Holy Spirit in them, they just didn't get it.  Flesh and Spirit, though they reside in the same body, have different lives.  

Jesus ascended to the Father, and told them to wait to receive the Holy Spirit, so they could be born again, born of flesh and Spirit, which happened at Pentecost, many times after that, and happens today. 

Being born again we have a direct, permanent, active Knowing of Him in us.  It is just you and Him, as one.  It is not the words of a holy man, preacher, or anyone else.  It is simply you and Him.  We can pray for one another, but at the end of the day, it is just simply you and Him.

So should we listen to those inspired by the Holy Spirit and apply the good teaching?  Yes.  Should we read the scriptures, which are the words of those that have lived their relationships with Him, and tried to explain that relationship to us, with the Holy Spirit's help?  Yes.  But, the value they have is whatever they do to help your Relationship and Know Him better.  But they are not your Relationship.  The point is do you Know Him?  Scripture says they came to Jesus, telling him that they preached, taught, cast out demons, in His name.  But He said to them, go away from me, I never Knew you.  Whats up with that response?  (The “K” in Know and Knew is capitalized in my writings for a reason.  They are Spirit definitions of those words.)  Good deeds, sacrifice, donations, offerings cannot save you, they cannot stand in your place on THAT day. 

They cannot control your will, and your decision to surrender to His will, and Him.  That requires a change of heart, an act of Faith, Trust, and Obedience.  He desires your heart, all of it, and when you give it to Him, you will Know Him, and He you, and you will be one.  That is what he meant by Knowing you, being in you.  

The first apostles and disciples wrote and told their stories and words for the sole purpose of helping others Know HIM as they did. 

What earthly father says to his child, you can be my child because a government, a book, church, or anyone else says so.   No, they are father and child and know it for a fact, for they are so by blood.  Jesus shed His blood for us, so that by His blood we can have that Relationship.  The Relationship exists without the need for approval from anyone but God.  Once we are born again, and we have the Holy Spirit, the oneness is because our Spirits are one with the Holy Spirit.  When you place your faith in Him, the Holy Spirit confirms it, and it simply exists from that point in time on. 

Everything is good that helps your relationship.  Everything that helps you grow closer, love Him more, Know His presence more is good.  We can ask Him directly our questions, and expect a reply.  We need no interpreter.  If you need help, ask the Holy Spirit, and He is all you need.  If you need counsel, great, ask for it from those that are full of the Holy Spirit.  But for all the counsel you receive, pray first to Him that the counsel is actionable.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you. 

Even my words for example, pray over them, and let the Holy Spirit confirm to you it is the Truth. 

We experience God when we pray, and each time we do our Relationship with Him grows. On earth, the relationships we spend the most time with are the ones we have the most faith in, trust more, love most.  Why should our relationship with Him be any different, if not only more so?  Is your love for someone on earth dependent on someone else?  No.  Is your relationship with God dependent on someone else?  No.  He understands us, and knows how we think and live.  Jesus came to witness to that.  The Holy Spirit is here to help us always have that Relationship. He enables us to know the peace, the love, the presence of our Father. 

Jesus told us to seek Him with all of our heart, mind and soul.  We are grateful to those who have shared their relationships with Him in word and letter for us to read.  But at the end of the day, at the end of all things, as we live each day, only our Relationship with Him is what we have that counts. So, I ask you, do you Know Him?  

If yes, praise God.  If no, or if you have doubts,  know this… on that day, when you stand face to face, you will know.  Do not let that day come on you in a hurry, in a moment unprepared.  Seek His face now, with all earnest, with all you are, without hesitation. Be at peace with Him now, be one with Him now, have a Father son/daughter relationship now, and know His love now. 

I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did.