I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did. God's word is living, and spoken here.

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super herosYa know ...

I always start with that phrase after I have given something a lot of thought and research and prayer and have a revelation of knowledge or spirit truth and have to share it so ya know... pause for you attention...  I have been watching marvel movies lately. Never saw them before. And when I watch I try to see God in what the writer intended.  In any movie that is all fun, excitement, special effects, and cartoon violence there are messages worth hearing and seeing, things said that are noteworthy, of value. And of course that is true with every word in the 27 letters of the Bible and the older books too,  and when we receive a word of truth from the Father from His Spirit in us.  I see these heroes with super powers and they fight these battles, get absolutely crushed and somehow, not only survive, but also just shrug it off and get up and keep fighting.  Well, we have to remember that we are heroes and we have super powers within us, far greater than anything a computer can generate and put on a silver screen.

The power within us is God the creator of life.  He is all things, and without Him life cannot exist.  And we have a promise that if we believe, have faith in Him, trust Him with our very lives to be that super power, we are one with Him. And if we are one with Him now we will be one with Him later in the Next, in heaven. I have never seen a movie of an accurate depiction of what heaven is like. Not even close and I have been there. Either they are afraid or they have no clue or do not have the technology. I think because heaven is not like anything on earth or anything a mind can imagine, no one ever will. It is far far greater than anything good this life has period, end of story, so we should stop trying to recreate it, explain it, or show it, it is impossible. Just believe. And we have this promise that not only does heaven wait for us to finish this life, this race, if we persevere to the end, heaven awaits and not just for a moment or a lifetime, but for eternity, yes, eternity, forever and ever, amen! Just think on that for a moment, and repeat itto yourself.  It is truly amazing.  Though we have pain, addiction, misery, trials, depression, anger, sin, shame, guilt, fear, doubt, and all that which is dark and evil and descrutctive, and that tries to separate us from Him here, there is none of that in heaven, only the complete opposite, times infinity. There is a lot of there there. 

I would like to see some filmmaker put ALL THAT on a silver screen for all to see. That won’t happen.  But we CAN all be reminded of it every morning when we wake and thank Him for that hope and promise. He never breaks a promise. We do, but He doesn’t, He won't, He can't. He is truth and it’s up to us to seek it and Him, and trust it and Him, and Know that one day we will be with Him, there, where He is always, and be there eternally. That is the prize that is the super hero story being written right now in your life as you live it. You and Jesus can defeat the bad guy. Whether that is something or someone else or the darkness within you. Faith can defeat the fear, the trouble, the terrible, terrible night you must live through, to see the new day, the new hope, the new you, in Him. 

Be encouraged today! Remember always in everything that oppresses and tries to bring you down the peace that He gives us as we trust will defeat the bad guy. You have powers he cannot see, cannot destroy, cannot touch, cannot defeat. You see life in the spirit with the special gaming helmet God issues his children, special glasses to see His purpose in you. The dark side oppressor who is trying to make your day sees only anger and bitterness and greed and pride. You can see that the triall you arew in only makes you put on the weapns of His Peace, His Love, His Hole Spirit Powers, and even strengthens your faith and brings you closer to the Father, so that His power groes even stronger in you. Jesus submitted to an unjust crucifixion so that we could be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be able to overcome all the evil that tries to crucify us. By enduring these trials, we gain a super power than has no weapon against it. The super power of super powers. Sister Joan Chittister Said it better than I can. 

In Seeing with Our Souls, Sister Joan Chittister tells a story about a man who had many super powers. A great army invaded a country and their greatest wrath was reserved for the monks: ( as you read this, you can just see how Marvel could make this one of the scenes in their movies)

When the invaders arrived in one of the villages…the leader of the village reported to the commander, “All the monks, hearing of your approach, fled to the mountains.” The commander smiled a broad, cold smile, for he was proud of having a reputation for being a very fearsome person. But then the leader added, “All, that is, but one.” The commander became enraged. He marched to the monastery and kicked in the gate. There in the courtyard stood the one remaining monastic. The commander glowered at the figure. “Do you know who I am?” the commander demanded. “I am he who can run you through with a sword without batting an eyelash.”

And the monastic fixed the commander with a serene and patient look and said, “And do you know who I am? I am one who can let you run me through with a sword without batting an eyelash.”

Trust the one who created not just all the powers that are good and bad, heal and destroy, but the one who is the ultimate judge, ruler and commander of all, the one who created the game, and not just the game of life, the game for eternity.  The game that was, is, and will ever be.  He doesn’t just time travel, he created time, and has created a place (actually a state of being) where there is no time, its called heaven and that is how eternity can be and is, without time.  For now, He gives tiny little glimpses of heaven and of Him.  He gave us his Son Jesus to show us the Way to Him, and made it the easiest thing we can ever do, just Trust, completely.  And He made the Way not only easy, but simple, so that every single one of His children can have these super powers.  He made it a question of will, and the surrender of it, not whether you have achieved anything, learned enough, or were born into poverty or wealth. 

As I watch these movies, as a writer myself, I see the struggle those writers had in trying with their best effort to create the struggle, the super powers, and how they interact and fight each other constantly. I laugh within, knowing all they had to do was read the 27 letters, read the older books, read what others then and those now are saying about the life experience of being a child of God.  Living that life every day is exciting and amazing enough, I don’t need computer generated graphics and special effects, I live it.  Satan roars like a hungry lion seeking to destroy and eat everyone he can, always, even me, and you.  He waits for an opportune time to catch you in a weak moment, and make you fail.   God’s Holy Spirit within us is always there for us to draw His strength from, to Yoke, and use all His gifts (super powers) He has made available for us to win each and every battle, to get us through each day. And what is best of all is, where we fail to have faith, where we fail to use the right weapon, where we fail period, Jesus is always with us fighting the battle right beside us, and jumping in when and wherever needy to advocate, intercede, protect, and overcome, and most of the time we don’t even know it or see it happen.  I would love to see someone put that up on the silver screen. 

Take the battle (the scene) where Jesus received His Father’s Holy Spirit, and goes into the desert for 40 days and nights.  I want to see that battle on the silver screen. Imagine what that would have been like for Jesus. He was the son of God, born that way, into that purpose, but now, oh now, wow, he has been given all of His Father’s super powers, and He heads out into the wilderness to try them out, take them for a spin, a test drive if you will. He is tempted many ways, and does not fail the tests.  He knows exactly which power to use when needed, and satan (he who does not deserve to be named)  gets so frustrated with Jesus that he finally leaves Him for “an opportune time”. Like the annoying bad guy who gets beaten down but doesn’t die, and leaves to plan his next attack. He knows now Jesus has these powers, and goes back to his evil laboratory to research, plan, find partners in crime, to assist him with his evil plan to destroy him. Well, he fails, fails, and fails again, and those who he deceived to assist him end in a tragic death, and eternity in hell (Judas, and others). And just when he thinks he has finally defeated Jesus, and deceived and destroyed enough lives to accomplish the task, the crucifixion of all crucifixions happens and satan thinks he has won.  But, wait for it, three days later Jesus rises, and wins the final battle. I am sure I can hear satan saying, "Noooooooo"!.  Or maybe, “curses, foiled again”.        

So, in the movie of your life, whom are you going to trust?  Yourself and your powers to defeat the evil one with powers way more than you have in your arsenal to defeat. You may think you can (that is called pride) but you cannot.  I know the ending of that story, and it doesn’t end well for you if that is what you believe.  The only way you can defeat satan is with Jesus. He has the powers, and you can yoke His, and you can win.  All you have to do is ask.  Wait, you may say, it cannot be that simple, but it is.  You say there has to be a catch.  There’s no catch, but there is a key… the key is, you have to ask with all your heart, mind, and soul.  And you have to od it every single day you wake, first thing, first thought, and then through the day, and your fin al thought before you sleep.  Like for real, as if you know everyone in the theatre is watching, and also all of heaven and hell and God Himself, and you have to go all in.  And you can be a hero too, in the greatest story ever told, your life, and Know God now and for all eternity.  See, it’s the happiest ending of all happy endings, ever, and forever more.  And it is not a story, it is real. 

Ask Jesus into your heart with all that you have, in whatever way you need to for it to be no kidding, for real, once and for all, and do it today. The popcorn is popping, the previews are almost over, the movie is about to start, there’s an assigned seat for you and actually there is a part in the live movie if you want it…  all you have to do is ask. Ask today. 

I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did.