I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did. God's word is living, and spoken here.

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3 arksThe Father knows we need peace and safety from the world and all that is evil in it.  Jesus told his disciples over and over again, fear not, the world has many troubles, but take heart, I have overcome the world. From the beginning of time until now, God has sent three arks for us to use.  The first ark was Noah’s ark.  The great flood was coming.  God saved a small group, and all the living creatures as well, by giving Noah the task of building a large boat, an ark, by which they would be saved.  This required great faith and obedience and effort.  He heard God’s voice among all the distraction, deception, and destruction, listened carefully and, with great courage, did what the Father asked him to do. 

God gave him a window of time to prepare and get ready, and to accomplish the task with instructions.  Up until the day the rains began, people were continuing to do what they do, as Noah was ridiculed for obeying God.  The first ark saved the body of God’s children. 

The second ark was the ark of the covenant God made with his people.  Moses used his great faith and obedience to present God’s ten commandments to his people, and commanded that they live by them.  Before that there were no laws, especially God’s laws.  Tablets of stone were created and the laws were inscribed on them.  The laws of God were placed in a wooden ark of acacia wood.  The laws were obeyed or severe penalties were put upon those who broke the laws.  They established order.  This second ark was an ark of the mind.  As long as his people obeyed the laws, they would have peace and safety for keeping them. 

The third ark was Jesus.  It is one thing to obey laws, but another thing to have a pure heart before God.  Jesus overcame the world and all the evil that is it, so that we could also overcome it and be free from that sin.  He overcame not only life, but death, and the Father has given us His spirit as a result.  Now we can enter into, not just his place (body), not just his laws (mind), but also actually have Him in us (spirit). If we believe and trust completely, His Spirit lives in us, He is in us.  When we ask for Jesus’ help, He helps us.  When we seek His Truths, we find them.  When we want only His peace and safety, He fills us with all of that, plus His Love, His Forgiveness, His Grace, His Mercy, and all of Him, even Life itself.  When we abide in Him, and he in us, that is the third ark.  That ark is where our hearts are totally given to Him where distraction, deception, and destruction has no power over us. We have His powers to stay focused and devoted to Him, and stay in Him.  That is our salvation from this world.  That is our peace and safety from it, and the coming storms.  That place in our hearts and spirits is the third ark, and it is peaceful and safe there. 

It is also interesting that God chose wood as the material the arks were made of.  The boat was wood, of course.  The ark of the covenant was also made of wood, Acacia wood.  There were an additional two boxes, both made from gold, that encased the wooden box. In all, the ark comprised three layers: gold, wood, gold.  And Jesus was crucified on a wooden cross. 

Soon the physical storms will rage, and great destruction will come over the earth in various ways, even from the skies and the universe.  There will be famine, disease, and economies of the world will fail, causing many to be put out into the wilderness.  There will be wars and rumors of wars: politically, physically, digitally, identity, economically, morally, religiously, and monetarily.  The world will try to save you by offering you its solution.  Don’t take it, don’t do it.  Soon everyone on the face of the earth will have to make a choice, to receive the mark of the beast or not.  This will be a time of great stress, such as the world has never seen.  For a Christian, it will be a decision of the age, and a decision for eternity.  It won’t appear that way, have that tag or label on it, in fact it may seem acceptable and you may have no choice or you and/or family will perish.  But, Jesus said, those that would save their life will loose it, and those that give their life will save it.  Soon, the laws of the land will exclude God and make it a penalty of death to obey his laws.  Evil will demand your allegiance to him and not Jesus. There will a time where you may be able to put off this decision, but the day will come.  Make up your mind now what you will do, so when that day comes it will not catch you by surprise, and without forethought.   

There will only be three arks, because these are all that is needed.  There will not be, nor is there a need for another ark in this life in this age.  His order is far greater than this earth and its days which are numbered.  As the end of days nears, evil will act in desperate attempts to destroy everything and everyone he can before the end, so beware.   Deception will be his main weapon.  The three “D”’s are not some visual effect, they are the three tools of satan:  distract from the Truth, deceive so that you cannot see the Truth, and destroy you by the first two, so that you choose the world and not God, which is destruction.  What evil has kept hidden, he will place in plain view for all to see, and they will not see it. This is the greatest form of deception.  He will try to deceive all, even the elect if that were possible.   

Chaos will reign and you will seek a safe place from it.  You will run but you will not be able to hide from it.  Enter the third ark and remain there, that is Jesus.  Keep your lamps full of oil.  Prepare yourself, and stay ready for the hour unexpected.  Be not tied or bound to the world and anything in it even your life.  On that day The Father will call your name, the name he has given you, go to Him and do not hesitate for one moment or look back.  If you are not ready, you will not hear your name, you will not hear His voice, you will not hear the Trump sound, and that rapture window will close for you.  Remember Lot’s wife.  Stay in the third ark, stay in Jesus, and you will hear Him call you, clearly, loudly, expectedly, and you will know instantly you should go to Him. 

The world will demand you declare faith in Jesus as foolishness and against the laws of the world.  They will try to mark you but do not let them! Do not receive the mark of that beast, the beast that tries to chain you to this world, to bind you and bond you and demand you sell your life to it, and place you allegiance to it and not to God.  The dreaded choice approaches.  Receive the mark, the chip underneath the skin of your forehead or your right hand, and the world will own you, and your name will not be written in the lambs book of Life.  Yours will not be on the list of names called from that Book.  No one will be able to buy or sell unless they receive this mark, and it is the number of man, and that number is 666.  The Father showed John this Truth, the book of Revelation states it clearly. It is simple, it requires great courage and obedience, just as with Noah, Moses, and Jesus.   The mark or chip inserted in you is only the start of the end.  At first there will be some reason or excuse where it is needed for the good of man and society.  But the end game is to control you, own you.  Once the chip is in you, there will be no escape.  Your data will become their data.  When the economies of the world collapse from the unpayable debts, there will be no more cash, digital currencies will be the “coin” used, and Blockchain technology will be used to resurrect order financially, world wide.  It will also be used for all kinds of transactions and record keeping other than financial.  No one will be able to buy or sell without that transaction, contract, agreement, exchange of rights, wealth or property being recorded on the blockchain, for all to see, and for the evil one to control, in every country and for every person on the face of the earth.  You say this cannot happen?  It is happening now.  Don’t believe me?  Ask yourself, ask the Holy Spirit in you, and then what does your heart tell you?  Can you ask God, what message and Truth do you hear? 

The time has come for true faith, constant and unmistakable, trustworthy and forever, committed to God, when everyone and everything demands otherwise, even unto the ridicule and hate of our family and friends.  Are you ready to set aside the world, come out of the world give him it and your very life to Him.  What do you have to give?  Give your car, home, family, self, keys to property, job, career, past, present future, dreams, wishes, heartaches, sin, burdens, unforegivness, and anything else you hold more dear or more important than Him.  Give Him anything that would cause you to hesitate to be drawn up when the Trump sounds or make you look back even for an instant.  Give Him your life, all of it, and the world will not own you, but He will own you and keep you.  He will know you and you Him, now and forevermore.  He will be and is your safe place, your safe harbor, your peace in the storm, and the storms coming will be far more fierce than you can imagine.  Without Him you will not survive them.  Without Him in your heart of hearts above all and everything, you will spend eternity apart from Him, which is that place called hell.  This is the promise that you can place all of your trust in, Jesus, just Jesus.  When you look and find none, He will be and is your only hiding place.  You don’t know when theses things will take place, and they are taking place even now.  Your master is coming, and it could be today, tomorrow, but soon, He is coming soon, so prepare, make ready, and rest in Him.   Go in the 3rd ark stay there in Jesus and do not leave it ever.   Be content with his fruits, His Love.  Remember Lot’s wife.  She looked back at the world as God provided a safe place for them to go.  She was tempted to not trust fully and stay focused as they were drawn away form that world, and moving on where God told them to go.  She did not obey and her weakness destroyed her while those that trusted fully were saved.  Obey God, Trust Jesus and His Spirit in you, and only that.  Have Faith and do not let the world use your weakness to distract, deceive, and destroy you. Be strong in Him and you will not hear the groans of the wicked as you leave, the pain and suffering of those who chose to be of this world.   Have Faith in Him and you will not suffer the struggles of the tempted.   Abide in him and He will abide in you, and you will have peace and safety,  not the peace and safety the world gives, but His peace and safety, which the world knows not of and cannot provide, that is everlasting peace and eternity with Him.  Prepare, make ready, today.     

I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did.