I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did. God's word is living, and spoken here.

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There is a change happening, of such magnitude, the world has never seen, to each one of us, whether we realize it or not, and most do not.  Every life on earth is being touched by it.  The spirit of the antichrist is responsible for this major change in the world, and the many specific changes being spawned by it.  

It is so significant and wide reaching every one of us will have to choose to accept these changes, or not.

You might say, yes, you see changes, and they are good, and there is no alarm. Perhaps you cannot call them by name, or even recognize them, but you know something is changing, and there are many, too many to count or name.  So many they are a blur, a big noise, and they hide among themselves so no one change can be called by name.  But I tell you the Truth, as given to me by the Father and His Holy Spirit, most of these changes are not good, they are evil, and of such an evil as to deceive even the elect into thinking they are not harmful, even good.  A magician deceives,with slight of hand, and we call it magic, because we don’t see and cannot tell where the red ball disappeared to.

Imagine that satan is that magician, and you are among the audience.  He does a trick so magical, no one sees, but you alone see.  And you boldly stand, and call him out, explaining the illusion, so that all can see clearly where the red ball went, and how he did it. He is extremely angry with you, the crowd turns against you.  They enjoyed being deceived, having been given a moment of wonder, amazement, something larger than themselves, larger than life, having witnessed perhaps a small miracle, something they saw but could not explain or comprehend. And satan, the great magician, is now seeking to kill you for exposing not only his trick, but that he is an imposter, and all of his methods and means are simply just tricks of deception and not real or truthful.  You just ripped away his credibility with his audience he has worked so diligently to deceitfully achieve. You stand alone, in Truth, with only God by your side. We are in the times of the Great Deception, and I am calling out satan as the master magician as the great deceiver, and author of all that is false and untrue.  Yes, we are in the end times, the end of this age, as it has been foretold. But the scholars have not rightly interpreted the prophets and the scriptures, as to the specifics of those times and what has happened and what will come to past soon.  In fact, the church itself has been deceived, and has not preached the Truth so that believers in Christ will not be deceived. It is the deceived leading the deceived so to speak.  Unwittingly, and with all good intention, leaders are telling their followers just what satan wants them to hear.  Something a little less than the Truth, that appears for all intents and purposes to be true, but is not.  Something that will sound like the Truth, has truth in it, but falls short of the Truth God wants you to hear and Know, so as not to offend.  Messages watered down, compromised, so the flock stays in place, and does not leave.  Remember John 6:66.  Read it for yourself, it applies to this message, and to this tribulation we are in.  Don't feel the tribulation yet, yet another deception, for now.  Jesus told them the Truth, even though it meant all his followers left , all but His closest disciples.  Even those He had to ask if they wanted to leave Him also for telling the Father's Truth.  The number of that verse is not insignificant.  It is the number of man, and as close as you can get to God, 666, without being God, or the number of God, which is 7 or 777.  It is as much a deception as a magician can conjure, pretending to be God, but not really being God. 

The war of the end of this age is raging, the battle is on, yet we who are alive constantly seek a false peace, and seek out deceptions of every kind, magic acts of comfort, wealth, power, position, distractions, illusions, and addictions such as drugs, sex, and risk taking, using every available means, including now artificial intelligence generating such power and diversions that we do not have to face the battle, and can even escape it.  But do not be fooled or fool yourself, we cannot escape it. We are in the battle now, and nothing can change that.  Here is the news the audience does not want to hear or acknowledge.  It is all a false act of the Great Deceiver. The only Truth is Jesus, and having the Father’s Holy Spirit in us, so that we can Know and see the Truth, and also see the deceptions of the great deceiver for what they are, deceptions, illusions, and everything that is not of God.  

I have much to say and share with you.  Even this post I have labored for months to share.  What I share is so great an issue, I Knew in my Spirit I did not want to share anything until after much prayer and deliberation.  Too many “preachers” speak to be heard, and say words because they are on a schedule and many expect to hear a speech.  There is too much talk that is not helpful, confusing, and leads many astray, even deceives the flock of believers.  I say to those preaching excessive words of their own, and not those of the Holy Spirit, be quiet.  It is better to be silent for a time, until you have been given the Word of God to speak.  To those listening, be careful you are not deceived, even by those with flowing robes, fancy dress, and glorious music.  Listen for the Holy Spirit in their words, in their songs, speaking to you.  If your Spirit recognizes the Holy Spirit in their words, then listen, if not leave that place, shut off the device, or walk away nicely so as not to offend.  

My Relationship with the Lord demands I say only that which has been given to me to say, when it is given, as a trustworthy servant.  Many times that means I go long periods without sharing.  God’s timing is perfect.  I have specifics I will share with you, once the Lord prompts me to do so.  I am an obedient servant, so for now know this.  Look at the changes happening in the world, and ask yourself, in your spirit, which ones help your Relationship with the Father, and which ones do not.  Accept those that do, and reject those that do not.  Seek God with all your might and strength, daily, as you walk, and the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what is True and what is false.  If you struggle with this, ask the Father for His Holy Spirit, ask Jesus, and He will give it to you.  Or if you have not received it yet, He will put in your heart what is needed in you to receive it.  You will understand this when you pray, God will explain it, and by Faith you will be able to accept this Great Truth.  But you must be more honest with yourself and Him then you ever have been before when you pray, with all your heart, mind, and soul, and desire His Truth, His Spirit above all else.  You know in your heart what is required, your heart itself, and you must be willing to give it to Him.  Then you will be Trustworthy, trusted by the Creator of all things enough to have His Spirit inside you, and you will be forgiven, made whole, pure, full of His Love, and He will come and make His home in you.  Ask yourself, how can God enter a house that is unclean?  And how can you yourself make clean what you have spent so much time making dirty, filthy.  Ask Jesus to make you clean, ask Him to save you from yourself, from satan, and He has promised to do so, so that you can have God in you.  Jesus made the Way, and it is the only Way.  Be careful that you are not deceived, and pray often that the Father’s Holy Spirit in you will identify His Word, so that everything else does not enter your heart.  Pray each day at the start to Him, that He helps you make it Holy and pleasing to Him with your every thought and deed, and that you will Know and have Faith He will enable you do do it.  Know that the Father Loves you, and His Holy Spirit is always with you, in you.    

I am Tutonius, an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 1980, I received the Holy Spirt wind and fire, just as the first apostles did.